Unlocking Untapped Potential: The journey of a famed laboratory equipment dealer under the expert guidance of BSMART


For a prominent family-run laboratory equipment dealer facing challenges in funding, manpower retention, and growth, partnering with BSMART proved to be a transformative decision. BSMART, a trusted financial consultancy firm, played a pivotal role in converting the company into a Private Limited entity and providing comprehensive guidance to maximize its untapped potential in the laboratory equipment market.

The Challenge:

When the laboratory equipment dealer approached BSMART, they were struggling with limited access to funds, stagnant employee growth, and slow business expansion in the highly competitive market. The primary challenge was to revamp the company’s structure and operations to overcome these hurdles.

The Solution:

BSMART devised a comprehensive solution to address the challenges and unleash the company’s growth potential:

a) Converting to Private Limited: BSMART recognized the need for a more structured approach and guided the owner to transform the Sole Proprietorship into a Private Limited Company.

b) Next-Generation Onboarding: The next-generation family members were onboarded as Directors, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the laboratory equipment business.

c) Shareholding Restructuring: BSMART facilitated the restructured shareholding pattern, ensuring a fair and balanced distribution of ownership responsibilities.

d) Delegating Responsibilities: The new Directors were gradually entrusted with specific responsibilities, empowering them to actively contribute to the company’s growth and take ownership of key functions.

e) Defining SOPs and Systematic Processes: BSMART helped the laboratory equipment dealer establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and implement systematic processes to streamline sales, customer service, and after-sales support.

The Result:

The collaboration between the laboratory equipment dealer and BSMART yielded remarkable results:

a) Exponential Growth: With BSMART’s strategic guidance, the company’s revenue surged from its initial modest turnover to an impressive figure within a span of 8 years.

b) Attracting Premium Talent: The systematic approach to managing the business and the vision for sustainable growth attracted talented individuals from the industry, bolstering the company’s team.

c) Expanded Client Base: From a regional presence, the company expanded its client base beyond its original market, securing contracts with various laboratories and research institutions across the country.


The success story of the laboratory equipment dealer under the expert guidance of BSMART stands as a testament to the transformative power of financial expertise and strategic planning. By converting the business into a Private Limited Company, restructuring shareholdings, and delegating responsibilities to the next generation, the company became a formidable player in the laboratory equipment market. This newfound confidence in the company attracted funding, premium talent, and expanded the client base, leading to remarkable growth in just 8 years.

For businesses in the laboratory equipment sector seeking to unlock their untapped potential and achieve significant growth, BSMART offers the right expertise and guidance to navigate the path toward success. With a long-term perspective in mind, BSMART helps companies thrive and achieve their true potential in the competitive laboratory equipment market.

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